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Meet Your Purveyor

Therapist by Day, Domme before Dawn. It’s Mistress to the Subs, Slaves and Devotees.

Venus Feroci represents a ferocious lover.

A Dominant Goddess that enjoys picking apart your brain.


You’ll learn that she always knows what’s best for you, and never hesitates to give you exactly what you need… and deserve.


Feroci is a Black Female Supremacist that always rules with a firm but loving hand. She enjoys training Devotees to be their best sub-self, by breaking them down and refining them through psychological play, pleasure and pain.


She’s a lifestyle Domme that enjoys Financial domination, FLRs, TPEs & Subduing alpha men in her spare time. Some of her favorite kinks include Pet play, foot worship, impact play, brainwashing, PDA, humiliation, feminization, behavior modification and smothering.

Sex Positive Education

 Sex-positive sex education stresses consent and pleasure rather than fear and shame. It advocates for knowledge, champions curiosity and confidence and cultivates the skills necessary for developing gender-equitable, mutually respectful relationships.

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